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What Does the Market Look Like this November?

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Hello raving fans, we are back again with your November edition of the “Hot Off the Press” real estate market report. There’s so much we want to cover about the market today, let’s just get right to it. Here’s what you need to know about:

  • Fannie Mae has just released their home purchase settlement index, and from that we can see that consumer sentiments regarding the housing industry have decreased rather dramatically. 
  • Home sales still have a huge impact on our economy. Each time a home is sold, money is added to the state’s economy, and with the movers, landscapers, and other contractors you may need during a move, that’s only more money going into our economy. 
  • With the economy moving forward, more and more people are looking to buy a home. This is demonstrated by the amount of foot traffic we’ve seen, which is above where it was the last few years. We predict a strong winter this year, leading to an unbelievable 2016.
  • Household formations are skyrocketing. Adults are moving out of their parent’s house and people are getting married and having kids. This is triggering them to buy homes, which is allowing home sellers to move up into better homes.
  • Mortgage affordability is up, and more and more people are qualifying to buy a home.
  • More people are considering selling their homes this year, but haven’t put them on the market yet. 23% of homeowners are considering listing their home, while 55% of those homeowners say they would be in the market if they had the right information. That’s 10% of buyers just waiting for someone to give them the right info. We are here to do that, and to help you feel confident when buying or selling.
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