8 Secret Strategies for Selling Your Home FAST!

The 8 Secret Strategies To Sell Your Home For Up To 18% More Money for Your Home Than Traditional Real Estate Methods!

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Welcome to Cardano Real Estate Experts bi-Weekly Video Blog. Today I am going to let you in on a huge secret that will keep thousands of dollars in your pocket when selling a home. It is called a pre-marketing home inspection.

You will learn about this strategy and lots more at my next Home Seller Seminar. I am holding 2 seminars next week, June 12th, 2012 at the Whitemarsh Country Club or on June 14th, 2012 at the North Hills Country Club. Details are at www.HomeSellingSharks.com, click on “Seminar Sign Up” to register.

Every month, at our Home Seller seminar we teach future home sellers how to sell their home for up to 18% more by effectively fighting the Home Selling Sharks, just waiting to eat away at their equity. We explain this concept when we are discussing how to fight the Staging shark.  The Staging Shark is one of 7 Sharks that when eliminated during the home selling process, you will allow yourself to net more money, sell your home 4x faster and have a Stress Free experience!

As you can imagine, differentiating your home against your competition is a key factor in this New World of Real Estate. And since the Staging Shark is one of the very first sharks with the biggest bite, this one Hot Tip alone, when used effectively, will keep thousands of dollars in your pocket.

After teaching over 1,000 future home sellers and selling over 2,200 homes, I have learned that all home sellers want 3 things. They want to sell their home for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, hassle free. So let me show you how this one strategy, a pre-marketing home inspection, encompasses all three.

#1 Money. Performing a home inspection before your home goes on the market allows you to make all the repairs necessary before showcasing your home to prospective buyers. You can make sure the repairs are made correctly at the best possible cost. Also, you will have time to do one repair at a time. Our Sellers pick from the Cardano Expert’s list of licensed contractors and we make sure they have plenty of time to negotiate estimates for the repairs.

The home inspection company we use, SPY Inspections, goes through the home with a fine tooth comb, they do not miss anything! Also, before submitting an offer, Buyers love reading the home inspection report, along with the Seller’s list of repairs already completed and receipts from these licensed contractors It’s like a reviewing a car fax report when buying a car. The buyers feel comfortable and submit a clean offer at top dollar.

Statistics show that 100% of home buyers state they feel more comfortable buying a home that was pre-inspected as they feel more confident they are not buying a money pit. The home buying experience is stress free for the buyer as well and all parties feel good about the purchase. The buyer and seller can negotiate the price with the repairs considered, no more negotiating once the papers are signed! Start packing, you’re moving!!

#2. Least Amount of Time. Experience shows that 50% of the time home buyers, after reading a pre-home inspection report with an organized list of completed repairs and receipts, will not perform another home inspection. Therefore this eliminates the 14 to 21 day contingency period after you sign the agreement, when the buyers have the right to walk away from the sale. Now you can immediately start making your plans to move to your next destination. Also, whether the buyer does their own inspection or not, all cards are on the table. Offers are submitted within days of being on the market versus weeks or months without this report. The worst is over! The Seller can rest assured the buyer’s inspector will not find ANYTHING, because our recommended home inspector, Spy Inspections, was so thorough.

And Lastly, #3 Hassle Free. Home Sellers using this strategy can stop worrying that the buyer will back out after doing an inspection. All the bugs have been worked out. They can put their home on the market feeling good that they have addressed all the negative issues the buyer’s inspector would have found if they did not do the pre-market inspection.

You, like me, probably think it is important to have a skilled, expert consultant on your Team when selling your home. Make sure, right now, to choose an Expert Advisor who is effectively and consistently utilizing this strategy to maximize your return when selling one of your largest financial assets.

This is just one strategy of many that we share at the seminars. Go to HomeSellingSharks.com, right now and find out how you can create your strategic “Custom Home Selling Strategy.”

There are 4 steps to take when implementing this home selling tool into your marketing strategy when selling your home.

  1. Contact us, your real estate experts to determine how far in advance your home needs to be inspected.  A pre-home inspection should be done no later than 2 weeks before your home goes on the market or up to 1 year in advance, if your home has serious problems that are obvious to the naked eye such as a structural issue, water damage, mold smells, cracks in concrete, etc. All Home Seller Seminar attendees receive a Free 30 minute Room-By-Room Review after the seminar to begin to formulate a Custom Home Selling Strategy, just for their home.

  1. Review The Report. As your expert advisor, we will help you decipher the inspection report and assist you in deciding which repairs are most important to address, when to address them and assisting them in finding the least expensive but good quality contractor to get the job done. Buyers do not want to buy a home that is falling apart and appreciate the home more when they know you have properly addressed the problem.

  1. Hire The Contractors. As a Certified Expert Home Selling Advisor, I have a complete list of trust worthy contractors who get the repairs done in a timely fashion at a great price. We give the contractors so much work that they drop whatever they are doing to assist one of our clients in need of help. That is why planning far ahead is so important when selling a home. The earlier you plan and the more you are prepared, the more time you have in effectively completely the repairs at the best possible price. If you rush into the process, you will HAVE to hire someone quickly and you will pay up to 2 to 3% more for that same repair.

  1. When To Make repairs. Once you decide which repairs to make, people always ask, “When should I make the repairs?” It is best to make all repairs you are planning to make before the Buyer’s inspector comes out. Preferably make the repairs before you start showings. However, there are some repairs you just will not do until you find a buyer. That is why it is so important that you have Expert Advisors, like Cardano Real Estate Experts, on your Team to consult you which repairs to do and when.

Check back in 2 weeks when you show you a clip from our seminar teaching you how to fight the Pricing Shark.