8 Secret Strategies for Selling Your Home FAST!

The 8 Secret Strategies To Sell Your Home For Up To 18% More Money for Your Home Than Traditional Real Estate Methods!

Be Un-Emotional When Selling a Home in Order to Get Top Dollar!

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Do you want to receive a top dollar offer on your home when it goes on the market?  If you do, then you better make sure your emotions aren’t keeping your home from being all that it needs to be.  You, like me, want to make sure your home is attracting as much foot traffic demand as possible.  Here are a couple of quick tips and things to be aware of when pricing and staging your home for a top dollar offer.    
  •   When staging your home the best way to approach it is with an open mind and an unbiased heart.  It is important to remember that someone with a different taste in furniture, wall colors, bathroom, and kitchen styles will most likely be buying your home.  For that reason, if you are not open to changing some of the things you have grown to love about your house to prepare it for sale, you may not even get people to come to your door.  The best thing you can do right now is find a real estate expert and have them conduct a room by room review of your home. 
  • Like staging pricing your home in the best way possible is to approach it with an unbiased perspective.  Sometimes growing up in a home or building your family there may influence how much you believe your home is worth.  Even though great memories have great value to you, an expert advisor will be better suited to properly analyze the value of your home.  The best thing you can do right now is to find a real estate expert and have them conduct a room by room review of your home. 
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[If you have any questions about what a room by room review is, contact one of our experts by visiting calldianenow.com] 
Listen to the story of one of our past clients who just earned Top Dollar when selling his home by being unemotional and listening to our expert advice.  
As you can imagine, buying or selling a home can be a stressful process if you do not have the right team working for you.  The Real Estate Market is picking up. We just sold 3 homes last weekend over the listed price, due to our pre-Marketing Strategy, “Coming Soon Listings”, our state-of-the-art Marketing and aggressive Negotiating skills. Who would you rather trust your #1 asset in your Financial Portfolio, an AFA(Average Frustrated Agent) or an Expert Advisor, like Diane & Her Team. To find out more information how you can get a team of real estate experts working for you visit calldianenow.com or give us a call at 215.576.8666