8 Secret Strategies for Selling Your Home FAST!

The 8 Secret Strategies To Sell Your Home For Up To 18% More Money for Your Home Than Traditional Real Estate Methods!

Hard Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Developing a Custom Home Selling Strategy

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Every person has a unique and personal relationship with the house they own.  After years of memories it’s easy to see how it may be hard for homeowners to fully commit to the home selling process.  Real estate expert advisor Diane Cardano-Casacio says, “that’s’ why when you want to put your custom home selling strategy together, the best place to start is by asking yourself some hard questions”.   Some of the questions are listed below and they are taken right from one of Diane’s home selling seminars where she teaches thousands of home sellers how to get top dollar when selling their home.       
Top 7 Questions To Ask Yourself To Create A Home Selling Strategy
     1.     What is your reason for Selling? 
Everyone who sells his or her home does so for a reason.  Every person has different situations and different goals.  It is important to know what is important to you about why you want to sell your home. If your values aren’t clear and you are not motivated, it will be difficult for you to accept an offer if you don’t know why you want to sell.

     2.     What If Your Home Doesn’t Sell?
Are you prepared to face the fact that your home may not sell?  Not having an expert advisor helping you can make you feel that way because the home selling process can become very complicated.   That’s why having an expert advisor with proven systems and process will help you battle your doubt, sell your home for top dollar, and ensure a stress free process.
     3.     Determine “Target” Date?
Having a target date will help you be prepared to sell your home for top dollar.  That’s why at Cardano Real Estate Experts we have a “6-months before you sell” program that helps our home sellers get top dollar for their home because they are prepared.  Having a target date goes hand in hand with being prepared and planning. 

    4.     Do you have a Plan B?
Having a “Plan B” will help you diversify your options when selling a home.  It is always good practice to have an expert advisor help you develop several different strategies and ways to get top dollar for selling your house.

    5.     What are your Financial Goals?
Understanding your financial goals is a great way to define a direction that you can stick to.  An expert advisor will help you clarify your goals and will guide you along the process and make sure you are making decisions that will reflect what your goals are.  Keeping an eye on the prize will help you make some tough decisions through the process.     

    6.     What is your past experience with real estate?
Have you ever had a good or bad experience with real estate?  Are you a short sale?  These experiences can influence the way you approach the home selling process.  Selling your home relies heavily on the abilities of your real estate agent and company.  Which is why having an expert is a way better advantage. 

    7.     How do you manage your Expectations?  What do you expect from the process?
What do you do with the expectations you have going into the home selling process?  Most people expect a stress free process where they can sell their home for top dollar.  This also can be achieved when working with an expert who has proven systems and processes to help you maximize your dollars.  
To find out more about these tough questions and how you can start developing your custom home selling strategy, watch the video below.  Expert real estate advisor Diane Cardano-Casacio is speaking at one of her live home selling seminars, where she explains to home sellers how they can use these questions to develop their home selling strategy.

To find more information about attending one of Diane’s live home selling seminars and creating your custom home selling strategy, visit:www.homevaluesbydiane.com

Statistics You Should Know Before Hiring a Realtor

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Becoming a homeowner in the United States is one of the best ways to grow your equity.  It’s the American dream.  It used to be really easy to sell a house using any traditional real estate agent. But times have certainly changed. In the new world of real estate, the American dream is being attacked.  The “traditional realtor” fails to adapt in this new world of real estate and as a result, the equity of your home may suffer.  Below are some shocking statistics that demonstrates the dangers you may encounter by allowing a traditional agent sell your home instead of an expert advisor.
·Sells an average of 4 homes per year 
What does that say about the experience of the person giving you advice about your largest asset?  How experienced in knowledge can someone be if they only 1 house every 2 months or so? 
· Sell 50% of the homes they list. 
Same probability as flipping a coin!
     ·Their original list price to the actual sales price ratio is only 89%  meaning their negotiations and price reduction strategies result in receiving 18-20 thousand dollars less than the asking price.
·Licensed with little to no real world practice   
It only takes 90 Hours of learning to become a licensed real estate agent and there is no practical real world practice testing.  If it takes 1,500 HOURS to become a licensed beautician what does that say about real estate agents who have less real world experience than a new licensed beautician? 
·Spends ONLY $105/month marketing a property 
What is $105 going to do to help you sell your house?  If the agent does online marketing that is enough money to do one pay per click ad.  How is that going to help?
As a result of theses shocking statistics, real estate expert Diane Cardano-Casacio is making every effort to educate home sellers how to avoid becoming a statistic of a traditional real estate agent.  In one of her monthly home seller seminars she says, “money is coming out of your pockets on one of the largest assets you have when you fail to seek out an Expert Advisor with proven repeatable systems that will sell your home in any market.”  Below are some statics she has gathered to show how home sellers can tell what a real estate expert looks like.
·Sells hundreds of homes per year 
Selling hundreds of homes per year demonstrates experience and success in the expert’s abilities to manage all the different variables that can occur in the home selling process.
·Sells better than 95% of the homes they list 
This is a clear indicator of the probability that your home will be sold if you allow them to help you. 
·Have proven repeatable systems that help you sell your home for 18% more money 
This speaks directly to the expert’s ability to negotiate and present your home in the best light possible.  If they have proven repeatable systems that produce these results than they pretty much have the process down to a science. 
·Have a team with systems that give practical testing to their agents 
Experts have teams with years of experience helping you through the process vs. just having a single agent.  Teams will help the home selling process run smooth, efficient, and quick.
·Spend thousands of dollars marketing properties.  
This speaks to the direct investment an expert is willing to make in order to sell your home.  With thousands of dollars spent in marketing it allows your home to be more visible than the traditional sign on a lawn and an ad in the newspaper.  It means being on thousands of websites, QR codes, property website, search engine optimization, and much more. 
To find out more about how you can avoid becoming a traditional realtors statistic, watch this short clip below of Expert Real Estate Advisor Diane Cardano-Casacio presenting some of these overwhelming statistics to a room full of home sellers.  Or register for one of her live home selling seminars HERE.