8 Secret Strategies for Selling Your Home FAST!

The 8 Secret Strategies To Sell Your Home For Up To 18% More Money for Your Home Than Traditional Real Estate Methods!

Professional Pictures Can Land $10k More When Selling Your Home

When is the best time to take exterior photos of your home? How should you stage the exterior so that your listing stands out to potential buyers? 

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Your listing photos are key to a successful home sale. When it comes to exterior photos, you should make sure those are taken when your house looks its best. 

It’s important that you plan ahead for exterior photos. Make repairs to the outside of your home, cut down any trees you’ve been wanting to get rid of, and consider power washing or painting your home. 

Now that it’s spring, your home probably looks really good right now. We offer to do a free video and photoshoot of your home, and we can come over after your landscapers are done to take some great photos and video for your listing. 

We use a flip camera or iPad to film your home; that way, we can post your listing to social media right away. Make sure that you work with a Realtor who is tied into social media. 

Work with a Realtor who understands how to use social media.

If you aren’t planning on selling your home quite yet, we can post your listing photos to our ‘Coming Soon’ listings page on our website. For example, if you are selling your house in the fall, odds are your buyer needs to sell their current home before they can purchase a new one. Move-up buyers use ‘Coming Soon’ listings to secure housing after their home sale. 

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Real Estate Wave is Building - Jump In

Home prices and interest rates are both going up in our market; however, as you’ll see, this is good news for both buyers and sellers.

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Hello raving fans and welcome to the latest edition of my Hot Off the Press Market Report. 

Spring is here and people are very confident about the economy right now. Prices are rising—they went up an average of 7.2% across the United States compared to last year. In the video above, I have a few slides to show you that reveal some interesting numbers about our current market and what the future holds for buyers and sellers.  

The first is a home price expectation survey of where experts project prices will be over the next five years. There are three different projections ranging from most optimistic to most pessimistic. Overall, they are all projecting prices to rise at least 6.3%, and the most optimistic predicts an increase of 26.7% over the next five years. 

These are important figures, and I mention them because as I take these projections and apply them to a house purchased in January 2017, you can see they have a considerable impact on that home’s equity just based on appreciation. Year over year, if you would’ve bought that house for $250,000, it would be worth $292,000 in five years. That means you and your family’s net worth would increase by almost $43,000 just by purchasing a home. 

The chief economist from Quicken Loans says “Tight inventory has been a key to contributing factor to the year over year growth in home value prices. This steady growth could very well lead to more availability, driving homeowners to consider cashing in on their growing equity by putting their home on the market.”

He is 100% correct. With prices going up, there’s more equity in every single homeowner’s home. I want to make sure you are aware of that equity, and if you decide to make a move, I’ll help you understand that you have the ability to move because there is extra equity in the house. If you are looking to making a move, now might be a great time.

If you’re looking to make a move, now might be a great time.

Interest rates are projected to go up along with prices this year. If you’re looking to buy a house right now, you should be aware of the two things that will determine what you pay on a monthly basis: interest rates and the original price. Both of them are increasing, which is phenomenal.

There is no reason to wait to buy right now; if you wait, you’ll only pay more. Do increases in prices and rates mean that people will stop buying homes? No! Since 1988, the median asking price for rents has steadily increased. Historically, the cost of renting is much higher than the cost of buying. The percentage of income needed to afford median rent is 29.2%, while the percentage of income needed to afford a median home is just 15.8%.

As I keep saying, if you’ve had any thoughts about moving, now’s the time. There are not enough homes on market and there are lots of buyers who can’t find homes. If you’re thinking you can’t get a mortgage, don’t decide anything before you talk to one of our trusted lenders. Just call us at 215-576-8666 for their contact information.

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Stay tuned for my next video where I’ll address the topic of home staging. If you have any other questions in the meantime, feel free to contact me any way you can. I’d be happy to help you.