8 Secret Strategies for Selling Your Home FAST!

The 8 Secret Strategies To Sell Your Home For Up To 18% More Money for Your Home Than Traditional Real Estate Methods!

Buying a Home? Selling a Home? You Don’t Need to Do It Alone

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Buying a Home? Selling a Home? You Don’t Need to Do It Alone

Hello again, ladies and gentlemen! This is Diane Cardano with the September edition of the "Hot off the Press” real estate market report.  The summer has been ROCKIN' so far this year and the market is continuing to be very strong, just as I predicted.  We are gearing up and are prepared for this to continue right into the early fall! 

Many of you have been asking me to discuss a particular event that has been in the news lately. Internet home search giant Zillow has purchased their biggest competitor, Trulia. This has a lot of people worried about the future of real estate agents.This is the week we cover that topic and if you want to get the full scoop, check out the rest of my video!!

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