8 Secret Strategies for Selling Your Home FAST!

The 8 Secret Strategies To Sell Your Home For Up To 18% More Money for Your Home Than Traditional Real Estate Methods!

2 “Out of The Box” Home Selling Principles That Will Make or Break Your Home Selling Strategy

In the new world of real estate, new laws and strategies must be adopted if home sellers want to earn top dollar when selling their home.  At Cardano Real Estate Experts, Diane Cardano-Casacio has developed two “out of the box” home selling principles that could help you earn up to 18.6% more money when selling your home.  Those principles are, the law of differentiation and room-by-room reviews.    
The Law of Differentiation:  “is Differentiation that drives consumer preference can help you sell your home for up to 18.6% more”
So how can a home seller create this kind of differentiation that makes their home so unique and valuable to home buyers?  The answer begins with creating a custom home selling strategy and receiving expert staging advice.  Only an expert real estate advisor is qualified to guide you a because of their knowledge of the area, trends, and buyer preferences.  Finding an expert advisor, like Diane Cardano-Casacio will allow you to professionally stage your home.  Professionally staged homes:
·        - Can sell for 6-10% more money
·        - Increase your return on investment from 251%-569%
·        - Decrease the time your home is on the market by up to 50%
·        - Increase perceived value
·        - Attract higher offers
·        - Dramatically increases odds of selling.  
Room By Room Reviews:  “help you create an interior and exterior staging plan that will get you an offer in 26 days for top dollar”
In order for an expert real estate advisor, like Diane Cardano-Casacio to professionally stage a home; a room by room review must take place.  This is when you have an expert come to your home to analyze the interior and exterior of your home to help you:
·        Create an exterior and interior staging plan
·        Introduce market research that proves to save 2-4% in repair costs vs. price
·        Position home to attract a high offer
·        Identify major deal killers
·        Meet your staging team:  concrete repairs, ac/heater, plumbing, exterminators, electricians, roofers, carpenters, dumpsters, painters and PODS. 
To find out more about how you can put the law of differentiation into practice and sign up for a free room by room review , watch this short clip below of Expert Real Estate Advisor Diane Cardano-Casacio presenting some of these overwhelming statistics to a room full of home sellers.  

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