8 Secret Strategies for Selling Your Home FAST!

The 8 Secret Strategies To Sell Your Home For Up To 18% More Money for Your Home Than Traditional Real Estate Methods!

How to Create a Fake Staged Room

Imagine when selling your home, on the very first day on the market, you have buyers lined up outside your door. Better yet, these buyers all have their checkbooks and are willing to pay you list price or more. You may be asking, how can this happen for me when I sell my home?

Watch this video to understand how you can prepare, right now, if you are planning to sell your home in Spring 2014. That is of course, if you want to CRUSH your competition.

The strategy I use to have buyers lined up outside my client's door is called creating a "Fake Staged Room". In the video, I talk about how we get great interior pictures of the home way before you are going on the market. Combine this with the great exterior pictures you have, from when your home looked its best on the outside (see Blog from October 1st) and you are ready to market your home to potential buyers BEFORE your home goes on the market.

I call it my Coming Soon Listing program. My video will show you how the interior can be “faked” for professional pictures.  For example, you move your kitchen “stuff” into a different room of the house while your Real Estate Expert takes beautiful pictures of your now cleaned and “clutter-free” kitchen. Then, repeat this process in each room so every picture looks clean and ready for potential buyers to imagine themselves moving in right away!

Once we upload these pictures to YOUR home’s website, you have wonderful pictures inside and out! This, in turn, creates DEMAND for your home!  That makes thousands of dollars of difference in YOUR pocket.

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Inventory Is Growing!! Is It A Good Time To Sell a Home … Is It A Good Time To Buy a Home?

Hi, ladies and gentlemen, this is Diane Cardano from Cardano Real Estate Experts here with the “Hot Off the Press” Real Estate Market Report through October 1st.

Let’s get right to it! Check out the video for fabulous graphs.

Let's start with the good news.

We are finally in a full housing recovery; there's no question about that anymore! Let me tell you why.  For a recovery to occur, three things need happen: sales need to increase from the bottom lows they were at, prices have to turn around, and inventory has to bounce back to a normalized level.

1. Sales

Let's take a look at the pending home sales beginning from January 2012 through July of this year.  Historical data shows us that with the exception of a sharp drop in April 2012, home sales have been in a healthy state of growth for more than a year.  Some of you may have heard the fear monger voices of the media telling you pending home sales are down in July and August.

That is true - to an extent, Are pending sales down from major peak? Yes. But look at where they are in regard to a historically healthy level; they're still well above that level.

2. Prices

In the beginning of 2013, inventory was limited because people didn't fully believe in a housing recovery; because of this hesitancy prices increased dramatically in the spring market.

As far as the recovery is concerned, sales have been up for nearly two years, prices have been up now for about 15-18 months, and since the beginning of the year inventory has increased.

This graph is important for two reasons: first it shows the rapid appreciation as the market recovered from the dramatic losses of the past. 

This is illustrated by the year over year gains on the first two thirds of the chart.

The second reason this graph is important is because it shows the last three months sitting at 12 percent. It is assumed that the market has found a steady level and will likely proceed at a much slower growth rate over the upcoming months.  We are seeing a slow in our market.

The rapid price appreciation is not going to continue; that's important for sellers to know!

If you read the Wall Street Journal, watch CNN or listen to NPR, you probably have heard that home prices have increased by 12%-13%. You might think, "Well, if I wait until next year to sell, I'll get another 12 or 13%." Not necessarily.

3. Inventory

In real estate, we look at inventory based upon the supply. If there's one to five months' supply of inventory, we know it's a sellers' market and appreciation is going to take place.

That's the market we've been in since June of last year, the amount of people looking to buy a house was greater than the amount of people that were putting their house on the market.

An equilibrium market has 5-6 months of inventory. This means an equal opportunity for both buyers and sellers.

Anything greater than a six-month supply indicates that there aren’t enough buyers looking for homes.

This graph only shows through July and it appears that we are at normal levels of inventory. Our graphs only show national stats.

Our inventory, though, is high, especially in the higher end market. Most areas in our market are back to a buyer's market.

Another way to demonstrate this is with a graph. This graph shows the year over inventory levels. Back in January, we were 24% off of last year. Every month since January, though, has decreased. The decrease reached a point where we were only 5 percent behind where we were last year. However, inventory has increased considerably in our area during the past two months.

This is the national market report for October. My experience is that our market here in Philadelphia has slowed down incredibly. The first time buyer’s price ranges have dropped 10 percent and hardly anyone is looking at homes over $500,000.

So if you are thinking of selling your home, you need expert advice to ensure you stage your home to perfection, have the best high tech marketing, get your home on thousands of websites and have it priced it to sell.

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This is Diane Cardano from Cardano Real Estate Experts signing off on this month’s real estate marketing report.

Free $10,000 Home Selling Secret Strategy

As all Home owners know, there are many things we do to plan and prepare for the change of season.  We treat our lawns, store or move our outdoor furniture, change filters and clean our heater. Well the same thing applies to those considering selling their home in the winter through early spring.

As our regular viewers know, I have 8 Secret Strategies I have devised to help you CRUSH the competition when your home goes on the market.  These strategies are designed to help you sell your home for top dollar, fast, with minimum stress and anxiety. They are all right here in my 8 Secret Strategies booklet!

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Strategy number 3 of my 8 secret strategies is the Photo and Video showcase! This is the strategy most effected by the time of the year you choose to put your home on the market.  The great news is that if you act quickly and take photos now, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition when your home hits the market.  So many of my clients, over the years, have told me how grateful they are that they attended my Seller’s seminars and took advantage of our free no obligation photo shoot!

When they listed their homes during the winter months, their competition had photos of snow covered grey and white homes with branches and twigs instead of trees and shrubs. Our clients had FABULOUS pictures and video of their home on the exterior when it looked its best, vibrant flower beds, green grass and healthy full trees and shrubs!  What a difference!!  

At Cardano Real Estate Experts, not only do we take the photos that set you apart from the competition, we put it to work for you in our marketing.  We place them on our “Coming Soon Listings” website (www.ComingSoonListings.com) with a short blurb about your home alongside those fabulous pictures of the outside of your property. We also construct personal property websites!  Websites dedicated to your home and your home alone, showcasing your photos with music and information designed to get buyers extremely excited about making that important showing appointment.When you put the power of Strategy number 3 to work for you, you differentiate, create “buzz”, and showcase your property!  
When you finally open your doors on the first day, you will have buyers lined up outside competing with one another to pay you list price and more for your home!

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