8 Secret Strategies for Selling Your Home FAST!

The 8 Secret Strategies To Sell Your Home For Up To 18% More Money for Your Home Than Traditional Real Estate Methods!

Keep More Money in Your Pocket When Selling Your Home

I’m very passionate about helping people keep money in their pocket, so I wanted to give you a few tips today on how to have a successful home sale this fall without losing money.

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Fall is here and houses are coming back on the market. One of our seller seminars is coming up on October 11th, and I’m going to show you a little bit of what I’m going to teach at the seminar.

One topic I’m very passionate about is helping people keep money in their pocket. I have eight strategies to help you do just that, and one of those is to make sure you have a vision. Your house is one of your largest assets; you want to net as much money as possible and have a stress-free real estate experience. Imagine how great that could be.

There are three important things you should keep in mind when envisioning your ideal home selling process:

Start earlier than you think. People are often so busy right now that they wait until the last minute and call me only five days before they want to get their home on the market. That is not enough time to implement home selling strategies that will keep money in your pocket. I have people calling me in September who want to get on the market in April—they will have plenty of time to select the best paint colors and make the necessary repairs to sell for top dollar.

Start preparing your home for the market sooner than you think you should.

Envision crushing the competition. The average days on market is 120 days, while my average is 26 days on market. You don’t want to have your house on the market for 120 days—you want to crush the competition and step over all the other homes that are on the market.

One of my ace strategies for crushing the competition is the ‘Coming Soon’ strategy. You can come to the seminar to learn all about it, but the basic idea is to build up demand for your home while spending the least amount of money in the shortest amount of time. That way, you can net the most money on your home sale and get the edge over the competition.

Finally, imagine a line of people waiting outside your door the first day your house is on the market. They have their checkbooks open and are ready to offer asking price or more. That is the ideal situation you should aim for when preparing your home for the market.

Those are the three things that you want when selling your home. Visit HomeSellingSharks.com for more details on our upcoming seminar. I hope to see you on October 11th. If you have any more questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!