8 Secret Strategies for Selling Your Home FAST!

The 8 Secret Strategies To Sell Your Home For Up To 18% More Money for Your Home Than Traditional Real Estate Methods!

Honoring Firefighters in All Communities

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Home buyers and home sellers often come knocking at my door 30 days or less before they want to enter into the real estate market. However, often time the opportunity to save them money is lost forever. After selling over 2,000 homes, I have real time statistics that show our clients who came to a seminar to learn more about the home selling or home buying process saved up to 18% more money. Just go to www.CardanoExperts.com to learn more and access a back stage pass to all the tools you need save money! Or to sign up for our next Home Selling Seminar go to www.HomeSellingSharks.com  or Home Buying Workshop at www.SavvyHomeBuyerWorkshop.com.
Here are the 5 Things you must do RIGHT NOW, if you plan to buy or sell a home in the next 6 months. (These are quick tips, to learn more just go to our website)
1.      Contract with a Real Estate Expert 6 months before so they can prepare you and your home
2.      Sellers – Get your home inspected;  Buyers – Create your Financing Strategy.
3.      Sellers – Room-By-Room Review;  Buyers – Understand what your money can buy you by looking at SOLD homes and their prices
4.      Sellers – Video Tour Of your home when it shows its best;  Buyers – Get a list of homes sent to you daily to monitor the market and understand values
5.      Sellers – Get home on hundreds of websites months before your home is going on the market to monitor demand for what you have to offer; Buyers – Visit your Ultimate Scenario monthly and then weekly as it gets closer to starting your actual home search.

How do we know that this works and that our clients were outrageously happy with the help we gave them? This Wednesday, August 29th, we have 800 of our clients coming to our 19th Client Appreciation party, a Night Out at the Phillies. We are honoring Firemen in all communities by having a firefighter from the Abington Firehouse in Abington Township throw out the first pitch that evening. Each firehouse in Abington nominated 1 fireman from their house, and Mike Jones was chosen to represent ALL firemen, and their courage to protect the community.
Please watch this 1 minute video to hear how these firefighters represent all communities, you will be amazed. 

Also, Cardano Real Estate Experts is raffling off 4 tickets, 2 to 2 families. Just go to www.CardanoRavingFans.com , and click on Phillies Sign Up. We will let you know on Wednesday am if you have won!!