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Market Update Shows Strong Demand for Housing

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I’m back today with a January 2016 edition of market news in the Tri-County area. Let’s jump in!

According to the foot traffic report, which indicates future sales, we’re expected to have a strong market this year. There’s a strong demand for housing all year long. Normally, after the holidays, we notice demand decrease, but that didn’t happen this time around -- it’s actually increasing steadily. I think buyers realize interest rates will only go up, so they’re starting to act.

However, we don’t have such great variables on the supply side. Year over year, we’re down in inventory. High demand and low inventory creates a challenge. While this is excellent for buyers in the short term, they could potentially experience higher rates and prices soon. Real estate will become more competitive. However, sellers should act on this opportunity to maximize their profits. 

The National Association of Realtors recently published a pyramid chart to examine the impact of price on visibility. For instance, if you price your home 15% above the market value, you’re only reaching about 10% of buyers in the entire market.

Plus, sellers should be conscious of multiple offer situations. Just because you have multiple buyers on the line doesn’t mean you should exclude a serious inspection! You can earn more money if you make repairs.

There’s so many resources online about the real estate market. However, you don’t just need information. You need analysis and that’s what hiring a professional is all about! I provide analysis at FreeSeasonalReports.com to serve my clients and save them time that could be used to make money. The same goes with SavyHomeBuyerWorkshop.com!

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