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Your 2015 Montgomery County home price update report

Friends, family, and clients –

If you’ve been following the news, a lot is happening with our economy.

I predict our local Montgomery County real estate market will hit a pivotal inflection point in 2015 since, in many areas, home prices are at or above pre-bubble levels.

Don’t expect the “rebound” effect to keep driving your home value up.

Our federal reserve is confident on growth, who recently – in vague language of course – sent strong signals they will raise interest rates in 2015.

High rates make it more expensive to buy your home, especially for millennials; a BIG market this year.

As your Realtor, based on what I’m seeing in our Montgomery County market, 2015 may be the peak year in the short term to sell your home at the highest price.

I feel the pent up demand of homeowners itching to sell after getting back to even.

I see more people getting mortgages now that Fannie and Freddie back 3% down payments.

I talk to people everyday who are better employed, making more money; job growth is up.

All these forces will come together in 2015 and I see a lot of homeowners selling their homes this spring.

Which of course, if you’re thinking about selling your home in 2015, means there’s a lot of competition.

So if you’d like to know what your home would sell for, I purchased access to local public home sale information for you – 100% complimentary – so you can find out what your home is worth online.

Click here to find out what your Montgomery County home is worth now.

(It’s completely free. Simply enter your home address and you’ll get the value range.)

Now, there’s more of course to pricing your home than mirroring your neighbors' final sales price. That’s where my expertise comes in – I know EXACTLY what home buyers in your neighborhood want.

If you are, in fact, thinking about selling your home and want to know how it works, how long it takes, and the price you’ll get, call me at (215) 576-8666 or reply to this email – it goes right to me.

No pressure or obligation to sell, of course. It’s only a discovery phone call.

But we want to take “preemptive” action now before everyone lists their homes this spring. This way you get ahead of the market and make more money. Also, you can subscribe to my 8 secret Strategies on how to sell a house in 26 days Guaranteed. Just click here: www.8SecretStrategies.com 

In the meantime, if we haven’t spoken recently, consider 2015 my promise to keep you better informed on what’s happening in our local Montgomery County market.

Call or email me anytime with your real estate questions.

Your local Montgomery County Realtor,

Diane Cardano-Casacio
Cardano Real Estate Experts
Abington, PA
Office: (215) 576-8666
Fax: (215) 576-8677

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