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Housing is Stronger Than You Realize- And it’s Driving the Economy!

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Hi Ladies and Gentlemen! This is Diane Cardano with the June edition of the “Hot Off the Press” Real Estate Market Report. Before we get started this time, I wanted to share with you something that made my team and I feel particularly proud.

 Every time a house sells, there is a certain economic impact; a certain amount of money goes into that state’s economy, which is pretty amazing! The national average is over $50,000. Every single time a house is sold in Pennsylvania, $50,000 is being injected into our local economy.

This is a wonderful and inspiring aspect of this industry. I know you have all heard me talk about how I love building lifelong relationships with our clients. But I also am delighted to know that everything we do together is positively impacting so many additional lives, and is playing a role in helping our nation’s economy grow stronger. How awesome is that?!

Please watch the rest of my vlog to see just how we did it!

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