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How Thanksgiving at Cardano Experts Works

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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year at Cardano Real Estate Experts.  We love this time because it allows us to give back to our clients in a way that shows them how thankful we are that they continue to introduce us to their friends and family who also need our help.
In honor of all the introductions our clients give us, it allows us to give back to them during many special times of the year.  In the picture below real estate expert Diane Cardano-Casacio poses over a mountain of apple and pumpkin pies that were later given away to clients who were generous enough to introduce us to their friends and family members.
Giving away thanksgiving pies is just one of the many ways Diane and her team give back to their clients.  The Cardano Experts actually also has a raving fan club only for past clients where members are invited to Philles games, holiday parties, receive restaurant coupons, and more.  If you are a past client and would like to be in this exclusive group visit www.cardanoravingfans.com for more information.
As you can imagine, buying or selling a home can be a stressful process if you do not have the right team working for you.  To find out more information how you can get a team of real estate experts working for you visit calldianenow.com or give us a call at 215.576.8666


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